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Most of those names aren't particularly wierd, at the time - and some not today. It is simply that many people in those days were vastly better educated in Biblical & Classical subjects (where many of those names originate) than almost anyone today.


Because they are Catholic. No other reason. Doesn't matter if you are a boy or girl. It's very common practise to give children many baptismal names, including Maria. To both girls and boys. Perhaps not today, but when I was baptized 60 years ago, it definitely was. My parents 'blessed' me with that name too. Being a boy, and attending a non-Catholic school, ...


Custom - why do we have middle names* at all? - and often pettifogging bureaucratic rules at various government agencies, probably now encoded in legacy software that no one knows how to change. But the fact is that not all Americans do. While I have no idea of the actual numbers (and no idea how one would go about finding them), I would say that many, if ...

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