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Did native Mexicans prefer Spanish rulers to the Aztecs?

I like that thought of "regional bullies" vs. exotic bullies. But control and establishment of a country or empire requires Power: to establish leadership or government. Resources: to ...
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Where is Sacagawea buried?

. . . discovered a record of the pilot-woman's death in 1884 (when ninety-five years old) on the Shoshone Reservation, Wyoming, and her wind-swept grave." Wikipedia:Sacagawea#burial_place ...
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What was the first instance of Native Americans using gunpowder weapons in battle and did they ever make their own powder?

I understand that one of the first instances where indigenous peoples used firearms (at least in South America) was in 1558 during the battle of Quiapo, where a Mapuche army of 6,000 warriors had ...
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