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The answer is related to the map you posted about rainfall. The population of the eastern third of the continental US is denser because of settlement patterns that reflect the local availability of water resources. This quirk of human geography occurs because of the need for irrigation. As detailed by Harvey Leifert in "Dividing line: The past, present and ...


No. There is no evidence of the intentional spread of smallpox into the pacific northwest. That would require previous contact with the intent to decimate this population. There is no logical reason for this to happen. The most common interaction with the native populations on the western coast at this time were for trade purposes (see all the questions ...


Roaring River: a refrain of the red river plantation Harpers creek and roaring ribber,[sic., etc.] Thar, my dear, we’ll live forebber; Den we’ll go to de Ingin nation In S Northrup (1855) Twelve years a slave. Doesn’t appear to be whitey singing.


Googled the lyrics, found it to be a traditional song: Searching for the title "Poor Howard" found at least one version.


This is a pretty good place to apply Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. While this probably happened some, the overall scale of the disease die-offs associated with the Columbian Exchange strongly argues for the most important cause far and away being normal inevitable disease transmission from a ...


I can't offer a full answer (not of the quality that would satisfy me), but the following may provide a path for further research. Atlanta and Environs cites Marion Starkey The Cherokee Nation, 1946, page 109


The personal papers of Robert Harry Lowie at the Bancroft Library (Berkeley) would be a good source. The library says that some of the papers are written in Crow.


The basic problem here is that scientific study of cultures (Sociology, Anthropology, etc.) is a relatively new discipline. There are indigenous social scientists today of course (my little sister is one of them), but by the 20th Century a lot of the original beliefs had been lost and a new hybrid culture developed (a process she calls colonial entanglement)....

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