Indirectly Historically, Sweden ended trade with Germany in November 1944. That is a bit late in the war, and Allies pressured them to do something much earlier, but there was always a threat of German army stationed in Norway and Sweden was practically isolated in Scandinavian peninsula. Add to that significant part of population that were anti-Communist ...


It looks ike the title of the question is less the focus than the body part for answering a question about: Q perhaps there were other, slightly lower-ranking Austrian-born Nazis who nonetheless wielded some appreciable degree of political power. Since Austria had its own nazi-party since 1903, called NDSAP (1918–1926), and a string of related predecessor ...


It might be simply a piece of jewelry decorated with the swastika, then it has little or no value beyond the metal it is made from; a Totenkopfring like this, which might have collector's value.

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