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In the Nuremberg Laws, What did "Approved for Citizenship" is half Jewish mean in practice?

It is clear that "approved" is different than "belongs to German race." Under "approved" (which is the phrase used in the Wikipedia article) should be understood as ...
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Did the German ship SS Hansa (former Albert Ballin) continue her journey to the West after 30 January 1945?

Grandchild of a woman, now in her mid-90s, who was aboard the Hansa when it was supposed to accompany the Wilhelm-Gustloff. She was seeking refuge in the US with (I believe) her mother and older ...
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Why did Hitler's order to give SS members German Citizen remain in force until the 1960s?

But why would Germany even want to keep a Hitler-issued law in effect at all let alone so long after ww2 ended? Because the Basic Law (Constitution) Article 16(1) does not generally allow citizenship ...
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