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Why Were Madagascar and New Zealand Discovered So Late?

By and large new uninhabited landmasses were discovered in one of three ways: By hunter-gatherers, walking there when the sea level was much lower at the end of the last glaciation. By hunter-...
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Why Were Madagascar and New Zealand Discovered So Late?

Because New Zealand is an isolated archipelago a long way from anywhere; and everywhere: Here is the North Atlantic at the same scale: One might as well ask why it took so long for the Americas or ...
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Why Were Madagascar and New Zealand Discovered So Late?

You can't just go sailing to nowhere. You need to know where you're going, what you expect to find, and how long it'll take to get there. Imagine for example you're a native on Australia. You look ...
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New Zealand uniform or elsewhere?

Uniform is definitely New Zealand Army, you can see the southern cross on the buttons. The badges represent the New Zealand Army Service Corps and the curved badges on the epaulettes will have the ...
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Why wasn't the Treaty of Waitangi framed in terms of a feudal exchange, rather than a surrender of sovereignty?

I doubt that there was comprehensive intent from the UK side to be actually bound by the treaty. As such, having substantial difference between the English and the Maori version is not a bug, but ...
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Did the aborigines of Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand know about each other's existence, before the Europeans came?

I think the only way Australian Aboriginals could've visited Aotearoa (NZ) in the distant past was by being blown out to sea by a storm and surviving the long drift. in which case they probably would'...
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