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How does a runic alphabet work?

A runic alphabet works like other alphabets: one rune corresponds to one or more specific sounds. Runes only really have one significant difference: they are designed to be carved in wood, which means ...
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Why was leek considered holy in the Edda?

Why not? First off, this is the original: Áðr Burs synir bjöðum um ypðu, þeir er Miðgarð mœran skópu; sól skein sunnan á salar steina, þá var grund gróin grœnum lauki. "Leek" is one of the ...
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Does the term Gododdin ultimately derive from the Norse god Odin?

Votadini is the Latin version of the name which dates at least to the 2nd century when the tribe appears on Ptolemy's map of Britain as the Otadini. The early middle ages spelling of Guotodin reflects ...
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How were foreign names written in runes?

This is one of the medieval rune inscriptions from Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bryggen_inscriptions. It is in Latin and reads "rexiudeorum innomini patrisnazarenus" - "...
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