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Why did religion mixed with politics hold back progress of Europeans but not the Turks?

Let's reexamine the wording of this question: "Why did religion mixed with politics hold back the progress of the Europeans but not the Turks?" This needs to be corrected in terms of ...
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Is there a reason why Turkey took the Balkan territories of the Ottoman Empire, instead of Greece or another of the Balkan states?

One must understand that the breakup of the Ottoman Empire, shortly after the end of the First World War, led to a political reconfiguration of greater Anatolia. Much of present-day Turkey exists ...
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Why did the Ottomans not change their capital to an Arab city?

The main reason as to why the Ottomans never established (or "moved") their imperial Capital to an Arab Capital-(i.e., such as Damascus, Cairo or Baghdad), is because the Ottomans were of ...
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Why were Albanians the only nation in the Balkans who converted to Islam during the Ottoman occupation?

Albania, was not the only country who became Muslim during the Ottoman period. You should also know that the country of Bosnia, (which was once Christian during the earlier Byzantine period), became ...
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