Use this tag for questions relating to Pakistan, a modern state in South Asia created in 1947 from British India.

Pakistan is a federal parliamentary Republic in South Asia, bordered by China in the North-East, India in the East, Afghanistan in West and Iran in South-West. It is separated from Tajikistan by Afghanistan's narrow Wakhan Corridor in the north, and also shares a maritime border with Oman. With a population of 199 Million people, it's the 6th largest populous country in the world and has an area of 307,374 sq mi, making her 36th largest country in the world.

Pakistan was founded by Muhammad Ali Jinnah as a result of Pakistan movement and struggle for Indian Independence based on Two Nations Theory on 14th August 1947. Newly formed state also consisted Modern Bangladesh, called East-Pakistan at that time. Not too long after independence, Pakistan and India fought a series of Conflicts over span of next decades, mainly due to Kashmir Issue which resulted in gain of Western Kashmir in 1947 and unconditional surrender of Eastern Pakistan by Pakistan in 1971. Pakistan also gained Gwadar in 1958 from Oman.

Its economy is the 26th largest in the world in terms of purchasing power and 45th largest in terms of nominal GDP and is also characterized among the emerging and growth-leading economies of the world. The post-independence history of Pakistan has been characterised by periods of military rule, political instability and conflicts with neighbouring India. The country continues to face challenging problems, including overpopulation, terrorism, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption. Despite these factors it maintains strategic endowments and development potential while it has made substantial progress in reducing poverty giving it the second lowest headcount poverty rate in South Asia.

The territory that now constitutes Pakistan was previously home to several ancient cultures, including the Mehrgarh of the Neolithic and the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilisation, and was later home to kingdoms ruled by people of different faiths and cultures, including Hindus, Indo-Greeks, Muslims, Turco-Mongols, Afghans and Sikhs. The area has been ruled by numerous empires and dynasties, including the Indian Mauryan Empire, the Persian Achaemenid Empire, Alexander of Macedonia, the Arab Umayyad Caliphate, the Mongol Empire, the Mughal Empire, the Durrani Empire, the Sikh Empire and the British Empire.