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End of war promise and skillful organization First we must address the issues of Russian Empire at the begging of 20th entry. Social and economic changes have long ago outgrown political institutions of that country. You had masses of recently freed serfs, but with little land ownership. You had growing industrial working class, also living in poverty and ...


Not a full answer, but I expect it to be useful until a better one shows up. Most of Greeks expelled from Turkey weren't expelled after the exchange was accorded but they were already in Greece (according to Wikipedia, that cites an article I can't read), as they had fled during World War I and the Greco-Turkish War. The Greco-Turkish war had been dotted ...


South Carolina was the first state (after Vermont) to allow universal white male suffrage in 1810. The 1807 NJ voter restriction still required white men to be worth 50 pounds proclamation money.

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