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How do I locate information on a B-17 shot down over Poland?

See below, is this your Robert W Crider? Actually he shows up as a gunner in a B-17G #42-102481 “Kentucky Winner” (385BG/550BS) crashing near Grodzisk, Poland, 18 Mar 1945. You will need the Missing ...
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What happened to the four remaining men arrested as part of the plot against George Washington?

It appears that Thomas Hickey was merely arrested for passing counterfeit money, and was hung for a plot to pay Continental Army (US) soldiers to defect to the British. The assassination plot was ...
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Why try to escape a POW camp?

I'm a bit surprised that no one has mentioned the (current) "code of conduct" for U.S. armed forces personnel, which requires attempting to escape, etc. A practical aspect is that it ties up ...
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