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Are the pyramids too old?

Robert Temple has zero credibility in archaeology. He's written multiple ancient-astronaut books, one of the quotes on his web page about his books is from an author of The Holy Blood and the Holy ...
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Why did the Middle Kingdom stop building pyramid tombs?

SHORT ANSWER Pyramid-building declined (in size and quality) during the 5th and 6th dynasties (c. 2450 to 2175 BC) of the Old Kingdom after reaching a peak during the 4th dynasty (c. 2575 to 2450 BC)....
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Are there pyramids at Sternenfels?

There are certainly no 'pyramids' at Sternenfels. There are some man-made alterations to the landscape, but while they are claimed sometimes to be pre-historical, most available reliable info ...
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Why did Pre-Columbian Americans not build city walls?

The implication of the question is that Meso-American cultures didn't employ any architectural defenses ("walls"). I don't think that's true at all. Below is a pictoral recreation of Cahokia. That ...
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Did the Ptolemaic Egyptians know how old the Pyramids were?

In Greek times the authority on the pyramids was Herodotus who visited Egypt about 100 years before Ptolemaic rule began. Even at that time the pyramids were a tourist attraction surrounded by a lot ...
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What is the layout of Ancient Egyptian pyramid shafts?

A resource for the directions of the shafts would be the webpage of the discoverer Mr. Gantenbrinck: But you would need a Java plugin to view the CAD-drawings. That said, and as ...
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What colors were used as paint in the construction of the ziggurats in early Sumer?

It appears the consensus is indicating multiple colors. In Mesopotamia the seven stages of a ziggurat were each painted a different color, the colors being emblematic of the seven planets ...
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How did thieves get into Egyptian pyramids?

Generally, the thieves entered the pyramids through tunnels. A number of these tunnels still survive, like the one used to enter the Pyramid of Senusret III at Dahshur. It is believed that the ...
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Did the Ptolemaic Egyptians know how old the Pyramids were?

Just for completeness: Peter Diehr is correct, Manetho, who lived during the Ptolemeic era (which has several kings named Ptolemy) wrote a book about the royal dynasties of Egypt. His sources must ...
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Why did Pre-Columbian Americans not build city walls?

I believe many did. Hopewell (mound builders) : This Hopewell mound in Newark Ohio looks an awe-full lot like a circular wall with a gate in the upper left hand corner. regarding the Inca, these look ...
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Is limestone robbed out from pyramids ever seen in local use?

Alabaster Mosque The answer is likely yes, there is at least one example, as it has been claimed that the Alabaster Mosque in the Citadel of Cairo is built using limestone from the Great Pyramid. The ...
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What is the structure in front of the entrance to Menkaure's pyramid?

So far, I have only found short notices or massively outdated material. Peter Jánosi, Bemerkungen zu den Nordkapellen des Alten Reiches 1995 has a footnote (p. 150) that says Das bisher nicht näher ...
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Mesoamerican and Giza's Pyramids

No. That is impossible. Continental drift is a geological phenomena millions, if not billions of years, in progress. You probably wonder why those constructions look fairly similar. Mesoamericans ...
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Does the Proto Canaanite ‘mother serpent’the Pyramid text of Unas/Wenis have another known name or epithet?

It is still not very much known about the text in question. But for a direct parallel in anything 'bible' it seems safe to say: no. kw 333 imhw imhw (PT 235 §239a) […] suggesting that the phrase ...
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What is the anomaly in drawing of the Great Pyramid by National Geographic?

That line vaguely details the original elevation of the hill upon which the Great Pyramid rests. There are theories that the original hill which used to hold the Sacred Well, whose remains are part of ...
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