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You can find in a episode of the Walt Disney's TV show "Zorro" the emissary from Spain said, "Ask not what Spain can do for you, but ask what you can do for Spain". That was filmed in 1959. Which was long before JFK said it.


I think this adage is very old and has been rephrased countless times (though with slight modifications), but the modern English adaption might be from the 20th century: King Wuling, "A talent for following the ways of yesterday is not sufficient to improve the world of today." [Warring States Period] Lieut. Col. J. L. Schley, "It has been ...


I have an interest in the history of the Huguenots and I remember reading a supposed quote of Louis XIV at the Huguenot museum near Al├ęs in the Cevennes concerning the repression of the protestant Huguenots which read - 'I can't tolerate a state within a state'. The Huguenots had certainly become very powerful in the south of France following the Edict of ...

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