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Short and "to the point" answer: Those numbers are just identifiers for various school district organization plans. The digits refer to the number of years a student spends in each "section" of a schooling system. The general notation is A-B-C, where "A" is the number of years in primary school (elementary school), "B" ...


I've seen no clear evidence either way, but the following anecdote from Nathan Bedford Forrest: A Biography by Jack Hurst may be of interest. At a dinner during the war, to a society woman who inquired why his hair had turned gray while his beard remained dark, he replied that it was possibly because he tended to work his brains more than his jaws.


The overall meaning of the sign is not certain, but it is probably not a direct reference to racial integration. What is clear is that "6-3-3" is a common term for the structure of 6 levels of elementary education, followed by 3 levels of junior high and 3 levels of senior high. I see no other possible way to interpret this. It is very likely that ...


The sign refers to the fact that the integration fight intersected with another big debate at the time: the minimum amount of compulsory schooling. Today's rules are more stringent, but at the time, the debate for the minimum compulsory schooling was between eight years and nine years. The term 6-3-3 referred to the "old" formula of six years of ...

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