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The brown, triangular banner with yellow ?flower? is being carried by men in a canoe, and they are wearing what look to be Hawaiian feather helmets and cloaks, while carrying wooden staffs, as seen in this Rembrandt Peale picture. Thus, -- given that Japanese were part of the Yellow Peril -- it's some sort of Hawaiian war banner.


I see three flags: Left center appears to have 3 vertically oriented stripes, with a dark stripe closest to the staff; based on @Justcal 's comment, this is probably France. Center right which is more properly a pennant or ensign than a flag and dark with a yellow rosette. Quite possibly the Japanese Imperial Banner. (Hat tip to @ezekiel and @justcal ) ...


I will share some excerpts from the highly relevant article, "The Negro in Imperial Russia: A Preliminary Sketch" (1976), in which Allison Blakely argues that imperial Russia was a land of opportunity where [blacks] could not only survive, but could attain high social position. This is striking not only because of the absence of the stigma ...

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