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I want to add something connected with your issue of the cult of God Yahweh. One ought to consider the meaning of the discovery of Ex 1-18 dating - this text is not late than from the 12th century before Christ. It is the reason the hypothetically constructed by scientists history of Israel must be rethought. See my paper in


To answer the question we must first consider which countries became Protestant around the time of the Reformation. There were eight (I think): Scotland, England, (Ireland, sort of of), Switzerland (parts), the Netherlands, Germany (parts), Denmark, and Sweden. Did any of these countries set up “Inquisition-style” tribunals, and if so, how many people lost ...


I think we can have an answer based on the two comments by @MarkC.Wallace and @Spencer under the question, linking to The Mysterious Origins of the Sabbath on, and Wikipedia article on the history of the week. Let’s take a look at some passages of the first article: In ancient Babylonia, the Akkadian word shab/pattum corresponded to the ...

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