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Cultural epoch in Europe, covering 15th and 16th centuries, between Medieval and Baroque.

Questions with the tag should cover events in cultural history of Europe during the Renaissance epoch.

Consider adding other tags that could be relevant for your topic: , , , .

For other territories of the globe or for questions not directly related to cultural issues, use and instead.

For wars of religion consider using the tag.

For discoveries during this epoch consider using , or .

English Renaissance could be also tagged with .

Some important European countries do have also their own tags: , , , , , (for Italian states), , , (for Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth), (for Papal States), , , (or , but in the European context -- like Spanish Netherlands or Mediterranean possessions of the Kingdom of Aragon), (for Venetian Republic).

Events considered to symbolically start Renaissance:

  • discovery of printing press (ca. 1450),
  • end of Hundred-Years War (1453),
  • fall of Constantinople (1453),
  • fall of Granada (1492),
  • discovery of Americas (1492),
  • finding sea route to India by Vasco da Gama (1498),
  • Italian artists like Dante, Petrarca, Michelangelo, Leonardo etc.
  • common use of gunpowder (ca. 1500),
  • begin of the Reformation (1517).