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Was the insanity of kings used as an argument against monarchy?

Mental illness wasn't perceived as a medical condition until recent centuries. It became notional that it might be during the Enlightenment, and it only captured the popular imagination that it was ...
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Why is 26th January India's Republic Day?

26 JANUARY: From Independence Day to Republic Day First, a clarification: the 26th of January was originally declared Independence Day by the Congress Party in 1930, the day being marked by an ...
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What are the intellectual roots of the "French Republican identity" pursuit?

I will focus this answer on the last question of your post: So why did they nonetheless applied these collectivist/spiritualist/communautarist/etc. ideas through this institutionalized (as described ...
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Were regular citizens of the Republic of Venice permitted to own and carry arms/weapons?

There is at least some evidence that carrying of arms in Venice was legally restricted during the oligarchic period from around 1300 to the 1600s. Reference: Carew Hazlitt, The Venetian Republic, 2 ...
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What are major differences between a Caliphate and a modern Republic?

The major difference is that a Caliphate, is a type of rule/governance that is based upon religiously based heredity, whereas a Republic, is a type of rule that is based on the election of ...
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