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Why wasn't Akkadian translated into other more common languages?

Most likely there just wasn't a lot of Akkadian (Cuneiform) "writing" to be found outside of Mesopotamia, and particularly not what one would consider "literature". Cuneiform was a ...
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Are there any palaces, temples or monuments built by the Seleucids surviving through to the present day?

The Seleucids ruled over several very different peoples with different cultures, so strictly speaking there is no such thing as "Art and Architecture of the Seleucid empire". There is Hellenistic art ...
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Who built this monument in Hatra?

According to wiki, your hunch is essentially correct - the original influence is Seleucid indeed. But if I undertstand correctly, the actual buildings are in the Parthian style. Hatra was probably ...
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Why wasn't Akkadian translated into other more common languages?

Is there (if I may reformulate your question a bit) evidence for ancient translations of texts in cuneiform (Akkadian, Babylonian, Old Persian, Elamite) script into other writing systems? There is, ...
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