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What was the social and cultural role of a "country squire" in Victorian/Edwardian England?

Squires exerted control in many English villages before the 20th century, but their use of such power obviously varied depending upon individuals and circumstances. A squire was typically a landowner ...
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When did the Toronto Club become gender neutral?

According to the Wikipedia article Toronto Club "Membership at the Toronto Club is by invitation only and (as of 1993[3]) is completely gender-neutral." The cited reference is to an article ...
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When and where were British pub games first played?

The pub game Ringing the Bull was brought to England from the Middle-East during the Crusades. It was played in Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, which is thought to be a contender for the oldest pub in ...
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Was Dumas' Three Musketeers portraying 17th century France accurate? Alternatives?

Ghost writer Les Trois Mousquetaires was one of the series of works that Dumas wrote in collaboration with Auguste Maquet. The name of the latter was apparently omitted on the insistence of publisher, ...
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How long does a generation last?

One could say that a generation-span is the same as the average age of motherhood. A good information source would be census returns, when analysed statistically. One could also use female fertility ...
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