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Did the Dutch eat their Prime Minister?

Yes, we (possibly) ate him, but not because of hunger It happend in 1672, known in Dutch history as the 'rampjaar' or Year of Disaster. The Dutch republic was attacked by an alliance of France, ...
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What is the original provenance of Lincoln's "of the people, by the people, for the people" and why is Wikipedia so confused?

This question is answered in the American Philosophical Society article which you refer to. A man named Ward Hill Lamon made a false citation to a nonexistent edition of Wycliffe's Bible in 1895. ...
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Is there a standard authority on the textual history of the authors of antiquity?

While there is no single resource for the textual history of how every classical work has come down to us, there are several books and databases which contain the known raw facts as to which ...
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Is there a standard authority on the textual history of the authors of antiquity?

I don't believe there is, no. The only work I'm aware of that pretends to have anything like the scope you're talking about is Wikipedia, and you have to work at it to get that kind of information ...
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Who claimed Alexander had a hairy heart?

Thanks to MCW's comment above: The Latin for "hairy heart" is "cor hirsutum," and it's the key to unlock the search results. TLDR: Quifauxte is confusing Alexander with either ...
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Did the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm IV. (1795 - 1861) ever write: "Das Volk ist mir zum Kotzen" = "The people makes me sick"?

This is not really an answer because it only deals with the caricature, but also to long for a comment. As pointed out by @njuffa, the caricature of barfing Friedrich Wilhelm IV is about the opening ...
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Are these remarks by Napoleon on Jesus genuine?

The profound commentary cites a public record, Napoleon's will, in which Napoleon states, "I die in the apostolic Roman religion, in the bosom of which I was born more than fifty years since.&...
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