Use this tag for questions about Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, a realm that existed from 1250-1517. For general questions about Egypt, use the pre-existing [tag:egypt] instead.

Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt was a medieval realm which existed from 1250-1517. At it's height it spanned over Egypt, Levant and Hijaz.

The Sultanate was ruled by a Military slave class of multi-ethnic origins such as Oghuz Turks, Kipchak Turks, Abkhazian, Georgian, Circassian etc. After the Mongol conquests of Syria and Iraq, the traditional cultural and political center of Islam was shifted to Egypt, ruled by Mamluks. Mamluks were also the first force in the world to successfully defeat a Mongol Army.

The Mamluks lost their sovereign status when Ottoman Sultan Selim I conquered Cairo on 20th January 1517. Ottomans however retained the Mamluks as ruling class of Egypt and their vassals.

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