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How was Taiwan involved in the Thirty Years' War?

Spanish Formosa and Dutch Formosa were respectively Spanish and Dutch colonies in Taiwan. The importance of the colonies was not only in extracting value from the colonies themselves, but also in ...
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How did the Swedish soldiers pray during the Thirty Years' War?

Swedish army I have one word for you in this case: hymns. Religion and prayer were very systematically organized in the Swedish army: [Gustavus Adolphus] led troops in singing hymns as they ...
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Long time to reach news in Thirty Years' War

The 1618 Prague defenestration took place on May 23th, 1618 and Oñate's news about it arrived to Madrid in July 1618. This is compatible with the duration of the communication to be 5-7 weeks which is ...
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Did Gustavus Adolphus ever speak of making himself Emperor?

Actually papal consent was no longer required. On July 16, 1338, six of the seven electors met at Rhense and declared that election by a majority of electors was enough to make someone King of the ...
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How did the Swedish army deal with prisoners of war in the Thirty Years War?

Some aspects of the below were specific to Sweden while others common to most belligerents in the war. Where possible, I used Swedish examples as that was the OP's topic of interest. Changes during ...
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Were the Swedish holdings in northern Germany accepting or resentful of their overlord after the Peace of Westphalia?

Even after the Peace of Westphalia, Swedish rule was well-regarded to the extent that it was regarded at all. The problem was that Swedish rulers exerted very little power in Pomerania, where two-...
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Religion in European international politics after the Peace of Westphalia?

Prior to the early part of the 16th century, that is 1517, there was no religious Catholic Protestant split to speak of. The European Wars of the 16th century mostly centered around the Holy Roman ...
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