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what do you think about the Greek armors found in Mindanao https://www.greecehighdefinition.com/blog/2019/6/28/ancient-greek-armour-in-the-philippines


This is probably not a very good answer, although perhaps it provides some context. There is evidence that the Indus valley people migrated towards Sumer, and conducted trade with Oman and the present day orient, by boat, from 3000BC until later civilizations used the same trade route in 350BC. The details of Indus valley chronology and trade are ...


The Indus Valley civilization started declining around 1700 BCE. The Bronze Age transitioned into the Iron age also referred to as PGW(Painted Greyware)-Iron age, somewhere around 1000-1100 BCE (Iron was discovered in burial sites near Gandhara). There was no abrupt collapse of the bronze age. . The conventional viewpoint is that at this stage that mixing ...


According to Cooper by Woolfenden & Elkinton, pp. 24-31: California's new governor, Luis Argüello, purchased Juan Bautista Rogers Cooper's ship Rover in December 1823. The vessel was loaded with seal pelts and sent to Canton, first making stops in Honolulu, Fanning Island, and Manila. It reached Canton in June 1824, returning to Bodega Bay by October 23,...

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