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What was this television history series?

The programme you're after sounds a lot like Connections which was a BBC series hosted by James Burke. Connections is a science education television series created, written, and presented by British ...
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Why were medium bombers so low in numbers in Allied air forces?

The US produced 16,028 medium bombers (e.g., B-25, RB-25, PBJ, B-26, RB-26, TB-26, JM, B-34, RB-34, PV, B-23, RB-37) plus 13,651 what were termed “Light Bombers” of the twin engine variety (e.g., A-20,...
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What proposals have been made to amend the U.S. Constitution to make it mention God?

This can be answered by looking at the wikipedia article on proposed amendments to the US constitution. There is a specific mention of several attempts to incorporate Christian religious references : ...
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Why were medium bombers so low in numbers in Allied air forces?

I believe here are two factors that made heavy bombers more attractive: They had a much longer range. Bomb attacks would generally launch from England and have to cross the channel in order to hit ...
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When was Joseph Alsop article 'Another Hitler-Time?' published in the Washington Post?

The essay is in the Washington Post archives, here is the citation from the "Cite" link on that page: Alsop, Joseph. "Another Hitler-Time?: Mr. Alsop Writes a Syndicated Monthly Column.&...
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How much wealth did the US "earn" from Philippines during its occupation as a colony?

I don't expect you'll find a meaningful number that answers this question. There is no straightforward method that allows us to quantity the economic costs and benefits of a colonial relationship. To ...
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What was the Japanese or Axis motivation to drag US into the War?

Hitler's Fatal Miscalculation, by Klaus H Schmider (Cambridge University Press, 2019) is a detailed examination of the information Hitler had at the point he declared war on the USA on 11th December ...
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