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Why did this anti-communist pamphlet, from the USA in the 1950s, include UNESCO among its targets?

You're talking about fringe political pamphlet here, so be careful generalizing from it. To paraphrase Tolstoy, all mainstream thinking may look alike, but fringe beliefs are all fringe in their own ...
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Did the US promise to save Romania from the Soviets?

There's nothing special about Romania here. There were anti-Communist insurgencies throughout the Communist-controlled portion of Europe. After losing millions of lives in the war against Nazi Germany,...
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Did the US promise to save Romania from the Soviets?

The Western Allies had very limited ability to help eastern European countries that the Soviets had invaded. Contrary to the belief of some that they could have continued advancing to Moscow in spring ...
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Why did Associate justice Black speak of a Pyrrhic victory?

You can find your answer by following up on the author, Hugo Black. The Wikipedia article on Black mentions that one of Blacks' views was that of staunch support for the first amendment: and his ...
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