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What American military strategist is Yves de Gaulle referring to?

Listening carefully, he's talking about Alfred Thayer Mahan (and not "Maran", but the recording isn't that good, had to listen to it several times to make sure it was the right person): ...
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Has the US Congress ever met outdoors?

Q: Has the US Congress ever met outdoors? Meeting Locations of Congress and Predecessor Legislatures has no mention of any meeting "outdoors" for either the US Congress or its predecessors. ...
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What percentage of Andrew Carnegie's steel workers died on the job annually?

The quote from The Economist is at the wrong end of a game of Telephone. If you follow it back through Krass (2002, p. 218, n. 26) to Kleinberg (1989, p. 31), it turns out that 20%-30% of male deaths ...
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What was the process used to decide on the name of the US capital, Washington DC?

If there is any record of the discussions which led to the decision, then it seems an archive search will be needed, but sources online provide the following. In "Records of the Office of Public ...
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How many times have the results of the US presidential election been officially challenged?

See Wikipedia 1912 2000 2020 Given that the Presidential Election occurs in the electoral college, it is much more likely that states' election of electors would be challenged. That makes the ...
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