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Why might Benjamin Franklin have considered Germans (except Saxons), Spaniards, Italians, French, Russians and Swedes "swarthy"?

I don't think there can be an answer any more objective than, "that's just how he felt." These terms today are acknowledged to be social concepts of personal identity, rather than something ...
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Has any US Presidential nominee/presumptive nominee from a major party, apart from Johnson, withdrawn from the race mid-campaign?

No, I don't believe it has. Certainly not in the modern era of nomination primaries. Aside from LBJ, the closest I believe was in 1972 when the Democratic vice-presidential nominee was forced to ...
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How did they build tall and heavy stone buildings in the 19th century?

Possibly you might want to google "construction of Philadelphia City Hall" and look at images of it under construction.
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How did they build tall and heavy stone buildings in the 19th century?

Be careful of just what you see that makes buildings "seem to be much, much older than claimed". Prior to about 1870, large buildings could be built only with very thick masonry bearing ...
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Was Croatia the first country to recognize the sovereignity of the USA? Was Croatia expecting military help from USA that didn't come?

Not possible because Croatia became a country in 1991. There was no "Croatia the country" or "Croatia the kingdom" before that, excluding the WW2 nazi puppet territory.
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