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When was the term 'finishing school' first used?

Short answer As a term used to mean a school for preparing young women to enter fashionable society (or something similar), 'finishing school' seems to have already been in use in the late 1790s. ...
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How to find regulations for charities in Victorian England?

There is a cultural gap here, because contemporary London is a time and place where we assume that: There is a process, which is documented, which anyone can follow, and which ends up with everything ...
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How to find regulations for charities in Victorian England?

Eighteenth Century Acts of Parliament of Great Britain and Nineteenth Century Acts of Parliament of the United Kingdom are (incompletely) listed vicennially as: List of Acts of the Parliament of ...
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How did Victorian British conservatives resolve the tension between valuing tradition and spreading empire?

There is no contradiction. The other two answers already address the attitude towards Africa - the conservatives did not strictly consider Africans as having a culture - but I would even challenge the ...
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Is it correct to refer the Victorian Era outside of the UK?

It's absolutely appropriate to use "Victorian" in the US to refer to anything within that date range. I grew up in an 1870s house that we unequivocally called a Victorian, even though the ...
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