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On the 9th October 2019 Turkey started Operation Peace Spring, invading north-eastern Syria. In response the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) joined forces with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to respond to the invasion. The SDF (as well as other groups) and the SAA have been engaged over much of the country since the 2011 uprising, and are currently engaged in ...


A possible example would be the Battle for Castle Itter, a World War II battle which took place on the 5th May 1945, in which American and German troops fought side by side against other German troops.


It is not an exact match, but the closest I found: Frontal pass in WW2-era air combat. Sometimes, during a fight, pilots went separated from the other fighters and started a one-to-one fight. It was especially true at the beginning of WW2 and during WW1, when group tactics were not widely used. Sometimes, one of the airplane in a duel could come out of ...

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