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Pellet gun are still used by Indian army in Kashmir. They blind lot of peoples but I did not know any one killed by them or not


Chinese crossbows that shot bullets or pellets (round stone or clay pellets) were primarily used for hunting small animals like birds and squirrels, and continued to be made until the 20th centuries, when they seem to have been banned by Mao as part of his crackdown on traditional Chinese culture. They seem to be used a lot like a sling shot, with the ...


Sarissa was 4-6m long and was used by the Macedonian phalanx. It was not literally wielded by several people, but ... The weapons of the first five rows of men all projected beyond the front of the formation.. The sarissas were heavy (~6kg) and unwieldy; I remember reading (back in school) that the sarissas of the rows 2-5 were often supported on the ...

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