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What went wrong with India's scientific development as a society?
7 votes

Hmmm, in my point of view, Our ancestors never taught those technologies in written form. The people who learned some technology don't want to teach that outside their family. From British ...

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Was democracy present in India before British colonization?
5 votes

During the period of Raja Raja Chola 1110 AD at south india, People used to select the village leaders by voting. Chola Government

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What made Alexander great?
3 votes

The Charisma - Macedonian soldiers were ready to go with Alexander, because they loved their leader and didn't just go with him because of fear of him. The War techniques - Alexander was "great" at ...

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What is the history of standing armies in India?
2 votes

I think during Alexander's period The great Nandha empire had the biggest army, consisting of 200,000 infantry, 20,000 cavalry, 2,000 war chariots and 3,000 war elephants (at the lowest estimates). ...

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Which historical figures are remembered for actions contradictory to their intentions?
1 votes

Narasimhavarman Pallavan 1- South Indian King (Great Wrestler) Rajendra Cholan 1 - South Indian King (Built up great navy and Conquered almost south east Asia 1014CE) Raja Raja Cholan 1 - South ...

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What was the name of Delhi during the period of Akbar ruling in parts of India?
-2 votes

hmmm....i think "indraprasta" was the older name of delhi. But am not clear whether the name changed or not, during the period of akbar.

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Why is Dravidian history ignored?
-3 votes

The indus valley culture was belonged to Dravidian. I heard that India's former prime minister Mr.Jawahar lal nehru wrote about this in his book Discovery of India, But i never read it before. Till ...

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Why is the Ping Yuen river in Hong Kong called River Ganges?
-4 votes

In my point of view, the name might be given by south indian kings who were invaded south east asia like Rajendra Chola - 1. We could find many hindu temples and other landmarks allover south east ...

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What were the demographics and economics of South-East Asian islands around year 1400?
-4 votes

The south east asia called as "SWARNA DHWEEP" means land of gold. The chola empire once invaded to sri vijaya(malaysia) anda kadaram(Keddah). Rajendra chola the great has titled as "KADARAM KONDAN" ...

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