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54 votes

Why weren't pickled fruits and vegetables part of (European) rations during the Age of Sail?

43 votes

How did archers judge distance before range finders?

24 votes

Why didn't Great Britain give the colonies voting rights?

21 votes

Why does Ngram show an extreme spike in use of "LOL" in mid 1600s?

15 votes

Does any country have an official celebration for the annexation of foreign territory?

9 votes

Were there often intra-USSR wars? If not, why not?

8 votes

How were the West Berlin air corridors negotiated?

4 votes

Do we know the situation in Britain before Sealion (summer 1940)?

3 votes

Why didn't pre-Norman English kings build stone town walls?

3 votes

Is it true that slavery was endemic in Sub-Saharan Africa previous to the establishment of the trans-Atlantic slave trade?

1 vote

Was there significant interbreeding between Romans and Native Britons?

1 vote

How were smallpox vaccines enforced in the US?