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103 votes

Were there women who were against giving women the right to vote?

33 votes

Why were old fortifications shaped like stars and not like circles?

26 votes

What forces/incentives drove the Mongols to conquer a much larger territory than they could comfortably settle or rule?

12 votes

Why did archery not make a comeback when armor was phased out in the 18th century?

8 votes

Has there ever been a case when a traitorous military commander took command again for the side he betrayed?

8 votes

Is there a historical precedent to the vaccine scare?

8 votes

How is serfdom related to slavery?

5 votes

Why bother attacking castles at all? Why not go around?

2 votes

Why did Russians have guns towards the end of the Mongol Yoke, but not the Mongols?

2 votes

What is the best historical example of conflict between two cultures with differing levels of technology?

0 votes

Has there ever been a battle with only a single survivor?

-1 votes

When would one carry a sword on a shoulder with grip upwards?