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Has a state ever "attacked" another one by printing fake money?
35 votes

During World War 2, Germany carried out Operation Bernhard-- one of the biggest currency counterfeit attempt in history-- to destabilize the economy of Britain and the United States. The operation ...

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Why did the Germans fall behind the Americans in the development of the atomic bomb after an initial lead?
Accepted answer
15 votes

Germany had its own version of the Manhattan project know as Uranprojekt; here is a comparison between them. In a project like an atomic bomb, the intellectual requirements are far greater than ...

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What was Hitler's attitude towards the Aryans of India?
13 votes

Hitler was an Chameleon opportunist who used the word "Aryan", in different contexts to supplement his political ideologies, which were mainly to conquer Europe, and the systematic eradication of Jews....

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Plans to depose, disgrace, or assassinate Hitler
11 votes

There were a number of attempts on made on Hitler's life, some notable ones were One of the earliest attempts was made by Johann Georg Elser on November 8, 1939, when he placed a time bomb, at one ...

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What was normal attire for Hindu kings in the 15th century?
8 votes

South India has had a vast number of kingdoms , each having its own variety and having being influenced differently from other kingdoms , in culture , custorms , religion , art , language and of ...

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Was India's independence inevitable after Cripps Mission?
5 votes

It had also promised to consider grant India complete independence after the war (though this is more hotly disputed). Many British historians believe that after this offer India's independence ...

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