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Did any European ever witness a major Inca religious festival?
27 votes

Garcilaso de la Vega, a Spanish-Peruvian chronicler in the Viceroyalty of Peru(then Spanish-held) recounted several aspects of Incan life and tradition. His most famous works include Historia de la ...

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Why was the Marian reforms' inclusion of landless masses necessary?
2 votes

The Roman Empire had lost 80,000 soldiers at the battle of Arausio, effectively destroying any remaining standing force in the Northern Empire. This was a hammer blow to the Aristocracy, many of who'...

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First Roman battles after the Marian reforms
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7 votes

Firstly, this is an excellent question. Marius created the reforms during his time as proconsul after Rome's struggles in the first half of the Cimbrian wars against the Northern Rhone-located Cimbri ...

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Gaulish logistics during Caesar's invasion
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This question is fairly generic and broad as logistics of a people or entity are researchable easily through any public domain or internet search. Look up any history of the Gauls or a European ...

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