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Why were Navajo code talkers used during WW2?
10 votes

The need to keep mission assignments encoded and unreadable for the enemy is at times called "information warfare" or in today's military "electronic warfare", "EloKa" (...

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What is the main difference between an Emperor, a King, a Char, a Sultan, a Dictator, a Dynast and a Tyrant?
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Let's start with the oldest one. Tyrant comes from ancient greek τύραννος, tyrannos. It means an absolut ruler that s unbound by law. An Absolute Ruler. The word is connotated negatively since Plato. ...

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How did they cook on ancient ships?
7 votes

While not an expert on Egyptian ships, I did once inquire about Dane traders and raiders diet in the Heddeby museum. They told me, that on a viking, they would mainly eat pre-prepared provisions that ...

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