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When did the last Terra Nullius vanish from the earth?
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25 votes

I am talking about Terra nullius which are lands occupied by countries, not individuals. (Most of my answer is from the Wikipedia link. I picked the most important) You can find them in : Svalbard ...

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Roman gladiator games
15 votes

I will answer the first question the Gladiatorial games were free for everyone to watch? Not really, quoting from Wikipedia (I don't know how to re-write it in my own words so I'll just paste it) ...

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Why did Christopher Columbus think he had arrived near Japan?
6 votes

Columbus' original goal in his voyage was to reach Asia, to visit Japan and have some of its riches (spices, gold ...) I guess Columbus thought the world map looked like this. (America doesn't exist.) ...

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After the fall of Constantinople, were the Christians who lived in the Ottoman Empire treated fairly?
5 votes

In Ottoman empire (and Islamic empire on general) the non-islam citizens are called Dhimmi (residence in return for taxes). Their rights is fully protected in their communities, but as citizens in ...

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Did Archimedes have any students?
Accepted answer
3 votes

A friend of his named Heracleides wrote a biography, but it was lost so the details of his biography is unknown. But after reading its biography, (in my opinion ) I don't think he had any students. ...

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