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What is the origin of the "wheat and chessboard" legend?
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If the following seems too long, you can directly jump at the end for the conclusion ins the TL;DR section. I'm not an historian and (almost) everything I tell below comes from internet research. More ...

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Where was the furthest extent of Arabian trade explorations?
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It's not a full answer, but if you're interested by medieval Arabic travels, the unavoidable reference is Ibn Baṭūṭah. In his Rihla, he describes three travels he made during the 14th century : from ...

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After the Mongol Empire fell, did China really turn away from math and physics?
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TL;DR According to Roger Hart [1], this view is widely held but wrong. He cites, among (many) others, Needham who speaks of a decay and Mikami who considers Ming scholars to be degenerate. The alleged ...

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