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Gayot Fow
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Just a random person on the net. Would-be Samurai. Orange juice drinker. Bane of Smaug. Polecat hunter. Failed gardener. Dolt basher. General Zod's Aide de Camp. Hounder of Ming the Merciless. Skunk skinner. Scandalous Exegete. Lifter of Mummy Curses. Denizen of the Vomit Comet. Deckard's confidant. Uncoupler of cause and effect. Seer of Wormsign. Wanton slayer of Daleks, Shapeshifters, and Gozerians.

Active as an independent consultant specialising in bespoke applications for individuals in the high net worth sector. All platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablet. Also cloud applications, privacy/encryption, browser customisation, remote storage. Private clients only. No agencies please. Money talks, nobody walks.

Hobby: I like to fly in private aircraft (passenger or supernumerary crew) and I do it several times a year sometimes by arrangement and sometimes by "hitchhiking" at private fields. By arrangement I do stuff like baby sitting, pet delivery, chaperoning, translating, mock landing interviews, and gift delivery. The furthest east I have been is London -> Samarkand (single engine Cherokee). The furthest west I have been is London -> Los Angeles (many different aircraft, including a G650). The most stressful are the landings at Nuuk to refuel. The easiest airport to "hitch" a ride is in Texas USA.

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