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Did Stalin believe Israel would go communist?
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Marxism and Communism were invented by people of the Jewish tribe. I use the word 'tribe' instead of Jewish 'faith' since atheism would contradict the tenants of Judaic faith so a Jewish atheist may ...

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19th century cabins: why were beds off the ground? Or weren't they?
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Ignorance and myths ruled the day back then. I don't remember which museum I saw it in, but I saw a bed on display that was used by someone in the upper class. Each leg of the frame was inside a ...

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What is the context of Lincoln saying: "if I could save the union without freeing any slave I would do it"
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Lincoln's personal feelings about slavery aside, his policy has to reflect the collective will of his constituency and in particular the union bourgeoisie that financed his campaign and the war. The ...

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