Atlas the Worldbuilder

1. (n) The process of constructing an imaginary world or universe.

1. (n) A deity who held up the celestial sphere.
2. (n) A collection of charts and/or maps.

Hello there! My name's Atlas, and I'm a worldbuilder! I run a Tumblr blog which posts ideas for and comics how-to concepts in Worldbuilding.
What I HAVEN'T told everyone else there, though, is that I'm also writing my own story, and I'm building my own universe to fit it. It's coming along, I have a basic foundation, but I'm looking for some ideas on how to make things work a bit better! Also, I may be able to give my own two cents on some questions you all have!

So, yeah...that's pretty much all I got. '^^
Feel free to ask questions, visit my blog, or chat.