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eh, hash it with a set and find the length

if you find you need to care about the size of your int (just kidding: it always matters..), it's normally best to explicitly use a type with a size like uint32_t

"you knew it was wrong, but you did it anyways"

Quick Comments

Welcome to SO! What exactly have you tried so far? We're much more here to help with specific questions of the form "I tried X, but it did not do what I expect and instead resulted in an error!" accompanied by a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example

XY Problem

check out pdb - The Python Debugger to debug small programs python3 -m pdb .. use b to set a breakpoint (so you can inspect your program there), c to run up to that point (continue), and ? to explore commands .. this will allow you to inspect the live state of your program wherever you breakpoint or continue to

welcome to SO and glad to have helped! you'll be able to comment when you have 50 reputation (about the reputation requirement) (about "thank you" comments) .. in the meantime, creating and voting on good Questions and Answers and fixing posts with an edit is the best way to take part in and thank the community!

hundreds of times faster than python loop iteration

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