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Can Alexander III of Macedon's success be attributed to good logistics management?
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10 votes

The Macedonian army was indeed relying on a well-established logistics organization. The following book, as already mentioned in the comments, is probably the most well-known one about the subject ...

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Is the Afghan hat related to the Macedonian hat?
9 votes

The short answer to this question is that there is indeed a plausible connection. B.M. Kingsley (PhD) in 1981 already pointed to this connection as seen in the following abstract: The so-called ...

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Did ninjas ever use a costume like the one we usually see in films?
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6 votes

As you said, the ninja or shinobi was first and foremost a master of disguise. This was known as Hensojutsu, the art of disguise. From Hatsumi, Masaaki. The way of the ninja: secret techniques. ...

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Why are there multiple royal squadrons of the Companion Cavalry?
1 votes

From Rzepka, Jacek. "The units of Alexander’s army and the district divisions of late Argead Macedonia." Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies 48.1 (2008): 39-56 comes a possible answer. On p49 It ...

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