Qualifications: BSC(Hons) Music Technology
Roles: Artist/Producer/Music Technologist
Contact: vinyljunkey@gmail.com
Website: Under Development
Favourite DAW: Cubase
Favourite VST: Hmm... couldn't choose one specifically
Favourite Editor: I'd say Sound Forge Pro
Work: I've done studio work(Recording Engineer/Producer) for bands, Mixing & Mastering in analogue and digital studios, I've DJd for many years, most of my work involves MIDI, DAWs, VSTs and VSTis.


I've been creating music digitally since I was 11 years old. I started DJing a few years later and I played the first of many gigs when I was 16, which was an amazing night of local DJs playing Happy Hardcore, Drum & Bass/Jungle and Techno.

I now have a BSC with Honours degree in Music Technology, and many years' experience as an artist/producer, music technologist and software-based sound designer. I stll DJ from time to time.

I also dabble in programming on a personal level. I have created a few small programs and websites. I also created a game for android. I have been asked on a couple of occasions to create a website for a small business, but as I have no qualifications or proper training, I declined.

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