Abdul Ahad

First person in history to:

  • argue before the Supreme Court of the United States using SQL
  • win an argument before the SCOTUS by playing the Jaws theme
  • win an argument before the SCOTUS by saying $7 Scottrades

If I told you what I've been working on the building would lose electrical power.

It would also get windy.

The $130,000 listed in the profile is for the intrinsic value of the comedy. Any programming will incur an additional fee and is essentially not recommended. I'll forward any feedback you have to the President but his response is usually:

  • I think I'm right
  • You think you're right


  • We're ready

The SQL argument before the SCOTUS was

  • SELECT * FROM x WHERE 0 = 1;

Breyer is a loon

The response to the playing Jaw's theme song before the SCOTUS was

  • "that's why you win"

The response to saying $7 Scottrades before the SCOTUS was

  • "you win"

Don't click Mr. T

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