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50 votes

Why do western monotheistic religions seem to be so full of conflict over dogma?

16 votes

Why did Athenian philosophers praise Spartan culture and laws, which would preclude philosophers like themselves?

6 votes

Has there ever been a month with 32 days?

5 votes

Why does the amount of days in an year on average of the Gregorian calendar only have 4 decimal places (365.2425)?

4 votes

Was it common to address politicians by their first names / nicknames in the past?

3 votes

What did the Jews during the First Jewish-Roman War know about other anti-Roman revolts?

3 votes

Are there any Midas portraits from the ancient era?

3 votes

Did Truman really believe that Hiroshima was a military base?

2 votes

Why were so many of the earliest banks founded by cloth merchants?

0 votes

How did American colonial rights and conditions compare to those within the British Isles?

0 votes

How do we know baroque art depicted obese ladies because of a different ideal of beauty?

0 votes

Why does Latin America have a higher number of surviving Native Americans than North America?

-1 votes

Before television sets became commonplace, did people generally watch movies only once?