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Did Heisenberg undermine the German atomic bomb by deliberately hiding his expertise from the Nazis?
8 votes

The German weapons development effort (including nuclear weapons) was fragmented among numerous competing groups, each jealously guarding their resources and not sharing information with other groups. ...

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Last death caused by World War I
4 votes

In addition to explosive shells still lurking in the ground, there are many unexploded poison gas shells turning up a century after WWI. WWII also has unexploded shells, but a bigger problem is ...

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Why didn't Britain's nuclear weapons deter Argentina from invading the Falklands?
3 votes

Basically, anyone with nukes has to stop and think, "how will history judge us?" if they were to use those nukes for anything less than stopping a major threat to their very existence. I can't believe ...

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Did the German Enigma machine use multiple encryption keys?
1 votes

The first Enigma machine to come to the notice of Germany's foes was in Poland, around 1928. Polish customs (and their intelligence service) were suspicious of the German embassy's unseemly desire to ...

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