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46 votes

When and why did the use of the lifespans of royalty to limit clauses in contracts come about?

44 votes

Why is Lady Jane Grey called Lady instead of Queen?

44 votes

Did any ancient polytheistic religion hold that theirs was the only pantheon?

16 votes

What is Charles Babbage referring to when he talks about the 'College of Laputa'?

15 votes

How was law enforcement handled in large US cities before professional police?

12 votes

How did the Boston Tea Party protest affect the British?

6 votes

What did the Greeks call their gods while under Roman rule?

5 votes

At what age did girls start wearing corsets in 1880s-1890s Britain?

3 votes

Why is the term "Ancestral Puebloans" used and not simply "Puebloans"?

2 votes

How did Nazi Germany justify the attempted invasion of Britain?

1 vote

How would “distraint of knighthood” law in medieval England fit with the fact that all knights must be of noble birth?

-1 votes

Why did European alchemists seek metal transmutation in addition to the Elixir Of Life?