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Why didn't the Greeks or Romans have an Industrial Revolution?
1 votes

People may say, what they may, but I think the fundamental precondition for the industrial revolution was the printing press. It made available to the masses cheaply obtainable knowledge, without ...

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Why was there never a tachanka-style cannon or crossbow?
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You folks completely forgot the war wagon from the 15th century. During the Hussite wars the war wagon enjoyed a moment of glory, smashing an encirclement in column formation during the Battle of ...

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Did Hitler make the right decision for Germany when he called off Operation Zitadelle (during the Battle of Kursk)?
-3 votes

I think he was only partially right and this is because the units transferred were SS units. In the east, the SS fought both its racial and ideological enemies (the Bolshevik Jewry; which was mostly ...

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