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“Russian warship, go f##k yourself!”

(There is not enough room in my profile to criticise all wars and war crimes, so feel free to interpret the above quote as criticism of every war that you oppose.)

Moderator on Language Learning Stack Exchange (since 27.10.2017), Literature Stack Exchange (since 28.04.2020) and French Language Stack Exchange (since 09.06.2020).


  • third person: he (subject), him (direct object, indirect object or following a preposition), his (possessive pronoun or determiner), himself (reflexive pronoun);
  • second person: you or thou (subject), you or thee (direct object, indirect object or following a preposition), your, thy or thine (possessive pronoun or determiner), yourself or thyself (reflexive pronoun).

My languages: Dutch, English (C2), German (C2), French (C1), Spanish (A2), Chinese (HSK3), Latin (now very rusty).

Contrary to popular belief, I am not a fan of Rod Stewart.

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