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What was the hippie movement? Why did it decline?
5 votes

Based purely on my experience as a human-being, I don't think the 'hippie' movement has actually declined, it's instead just taken on other incarnations and names. 'Hippie Movement' is nothing but a ...

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Has the strength of the historical-archaeological method ever been tested experimentally?
4 votes

Not that I know of, but I'd think that such a process would be so far removed from quantifiable science that it'd be rendered pointless. The job of a historian is to make best guesses given the ...

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Life in the middle ages for ordinary people?
0 votes

Christianity in particular arose out of the Roman period when most people were trying to figure out the nature of the universe in lieu of any scientific evidence. When Christianity was coming into ...

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Why were there no agricultural, city-state forming civilizations in the Ice Age?
-1 votes

As far as I understand it from David Christian's 'Maps of Time', civilization is a direct function of population density. When groupings of people in any given geographic area can no longer support ...

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