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42 votes

Last death caused by World War I

37 votes

What was the purpose of Nazi extermination camps?

22 votes

Has the United States ever been formally condemned by the United Nations?

19 votes

Did India turn down a permanent seat in the UN in 1955?

19 votes

Were there reasons for Japan to go to war with the US aside from the US owning Philippines?

14 votes

If modern human existed for hundreds of thousands years why was writing invented only some 7000-9000 years ago?

13 votes

What were the post World War 2 effects on Germany?

10 votes

European painting of a man standing on a dragon with his sword drawn, who painted it/what century is it from?

9 votes

Is there any country where the founder of the nation is no longer respected?

7 votes

What is the oldest movie theater in the US that has been in continuous use as a movie theater?

6 votes

To what degree has the historical effectiveness of non-violent resistance movements been impacted by parallel violent resistance movements?

5 votes

Besides Magna Carta and general decentralization, what specifically led to democratization in England?

3 votes

Was there any way to deal with infections in pre-modern times?

2 votes

Is there any evidence of Edward VIII trying to influence the UK Government?

2 votes

What did the Catholic Church do to promote human rights of non-christians from 1500s to mid 1900s?